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Jiing Shin Enterprise specializes in various paper packaging products. The main products include PaperIBC , Heavy-duty packaging corrugated box, Paper pallet, Industrial carton box, Thermoformed Fiber products and Eedge board and so on. We have obtained ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP and other certificates. With over 30 years of paper packaging expertise and strict quality control system, we believe we are definitely a good partner who you can trust.

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What is PaperIBC?

It is constructed of multiply corrugated fiberboard or commonly known as bag-in-box. The major components are the corrugated box, single wall self lock top cover and a cassette with 2 ply PE Liner with a 2” BSP inlet and outlet fitments.

What are the products it can be used for?

It is ideal for most NON HAZARDOUS liquid products.


Chemical Adhesives, Cleaners, Coolant, Emulsions, Inks, Latex, Lubricants, Oils & Greases, Shampoo& Detergents, Epoxy Resins.


Food Sauce, Beverages Concentrates, Buttermilk, Citrus Juice, Edible Oils, Milk Products, Sour Cream, Soy Products, Sweeteners, Vinegar, Glucose.

How high can I stack?

You can stack filled PaperIBCs 3 High for storage and 2 High for transportation.

What are the benefits of PaperIBCs as compared to conventional methods?

sPace Savings

Assembly is Easy

Protect your products

Environmental Friendly

Reduces Handling Costs

Ideal for Bulk Liquid Products

Better Compression Strength

Costs Effective

What is Corrugate Paper Pallet?

It's light weight, strong, recyclable, safe, non-fumigated, cost-saving and increasingly in demand for export to USA and Europe Friendly to your Budget, Products, Customers and the Environment.

Why Paper Pallet ?

Light - Easy to handle. 7-10kg only for a paper pallet. It's 66% lighter than a wood pallet.

Strong - Our heavy-duty pallet can load up to 1000kg in dynamic load and over 5000kg in static load.

Recyclable -It's made from recycled materials. 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Cost saving - No need for fumigation/Heat treatment and disposal cost.

Safe - It's clean, easy to handle and have no nails or wood splinters.


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