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Business philosophy

JIINGSHIN Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in 1984, and has been devoted to product research and development and process efficiency improvement to provide customers with packaging products that are most needed and suitable for them for more than 30 years. In recent years, given that global warming is getting worse; JIINGSHIN takes the concept of “innovation” and “environmentally friendly orientation” as the starting point to develop carbon-free and energy-saving products to respond.

Thus, JIINSHIN uses its own professional technology to produce pollution-free, recyclable, safe packaging products to reduce the over-consumption of natural resources and implement the idea of "Green Living". In addition, "people-oriented" is always JIINSHIN’s management philosophy; we cultivate employees' self-determined and spontaneous ability, develop the potential of employees, attach importance to each employee, provide a high-quality and safe working environment, and well-constructed system so that employees can work happily and show higher productivity.

Innovation and improvement play a vital role in our corporation; we always care about the needs of every customer and provide them with the best products and the most complete service in a responsible and friendly manner positively. In the future, developing more high-quality products with more sophisticated skills and perfect service is what we are pursuing for. Based on principles above, we establish a "win-win" situation among customers and the corporation.


Business history



Jiing Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established to produce all kinds of industrial and commercial cartons.



Jiing Shin group successfully developed various eco-friendly paper pallet series and heavy packaging series products to replace the traditional wooden boxes and wood pallets. Jiing Shin completely changed the previous packaging concept.



Jiing Shin successfully developed large-scale, high-strength liquid packaging cartons to replace traditional iron drums and plastic drums. Jiing Shin subverted traditional ways of carrying liquid- Cartons can also carry liquids.



We produced a large number of various eco-friendly paper pallets and large-scale heavy-duty cartons, and the quality was well received by customers.



1 ton barrel high-strength carton and large-scale heavy-duty carton series products were highly praised and appreciated by foreign customers and opened to the export market.



Established the PAPERIBC brand.

Passed the ISO9001: 2000 international certification.



Passed the ISO9001:2008 international certification.



Passed HALAL International Certification.



Passed ISO22000:2005 international certification.

Passed HACCP international certification.

Customer Category

Plastic products

Chemical raw materials

Food raw materials

Metal products

Daily necessities

Electronic materials

Our achievements 

Multiple carton patented products (paper pallet, heavy-duty packaging carton, liquid special carton, etc.)Products are exported to countries around the world (United States, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, etc.)

Business challenge

Provide better products and excellent customer service.
Continue to enhance (the enterprise’s) competitiveness.
Enhance the well-being of employees and cultivate excellent self-motivated employees.

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